Traditional betting platforms

The betting industry had become the most fast-growing industry globally since the mid 90’s when it was first shown to its interested followers. This industry is expected to reach a $100 billion market by 2026, which means more than $50 billion more than 2019.

Problems of the…

in this simple guide, we will show how our Private sale investors can get up to a 15% bonus for their tokens by ReLocking their DXB Tokens.

Bonus Options

1. Option 1 extend your lock for 1month and get a 5% bonus Airdrop
2. …

Hello, DefiXBet community!

Here is a simple guide on Unicrypt ILO and Different Rounds of ILO on UniCrypt:

Round 0

Round 0 starts right after the ILO creation and will last until the start date of the ILO. …

Here’s a short guide on how to participate in DefiXBet’s Private Sale event.

Make sure you’re sending Funds to our official address Private Sale Smart Contract:


always make sure you are at the right address! (

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

We recommend using Metamask Wallet and make sure to add BSC to your MetaMask; read more here:


A huge need for fully decentralized betting platforms is rooted in the desire to play on a Anonymous and Autonomous Betting Platform which does not carry Regulatory Restrictions. In addition to Regulatory Restrictions, there are many manipulated gaming scripts in centralized casinos that might have data poisoning and are able…


Building the Future of P2P Betting Platforms

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