Traditional betting platforms

The betting industry had become the most fast-growing industry globally since the mid 90’s when it was first shown to its interested followers. This industry is expected to reach a $100 billion market by 2026, which means more than $50 billion more than 2019.

Problems of…

Here’s a short guide on how to Swap your DXB tokens to Solana Blockchain Tokens.

Alert 🚨

Always Make sure you are using the official Guide and correct swap address to Avoid scams.

DXB Official Swap address on Binance Smart Chain: 0x78c348B7e8C806e8D05FceD1b404Fbe9c0B920d0

Send your BEP20 DXB tokens to the official swap address on Binance smart chain and save your transaction hash from

Create New…

Here’s a short guide on how to participate in DefiXBet’s Private Sale event.

Make sure you’re sending Funds to our official address Private Sale Smart Contract:


always make sure you are at the right address! (

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We recommend using Metamask Wallet and make sure to add BSC to your MetaMask; read more here:



Building the Future of P2P Betting Platforms

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